Doris: “The Housekeeper”

April 27, 2011

Once the head was out of the mould, I painted in the features and started to add the hair.

Painted head

The hands have been cast with a twisted wire armature inside them, they’re just out of the mould here and haven’t been trimmed yet. The real Doris wore nail varnish so I’ll paint that on.

Hands with flashing

Finished head minus glasses

I’m not sure what exactly what she wore on her feet, it may have been some sort of leatherette type slipper but I’ve chosen to make ones with a furry bit at the front. They’ve been cast in silicone and painted before the fur was added and trimmed.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to get the body shape just right and trying to recreate her stance. She has an aluminium wire armature at the moment but I’m going to have to replace it with a ball and socket one at some point. For the moment though, I’ll use this one to do some test animations with.

Twisted wire armatures

Luckily my local fabric shop had some ideal fabric to recreate her brown ‘slacks’, and I’ve given her a little sleeveless top to go with it as well as a dowdy grey blouse.


nearing completion

She’s nearing completion in the above photograph.

And finally, with glasses attached and a little walking stick to help her waddle along, she’s finished.

Doris with walking stick

A face that could curdle milk.

There’s some more pic’s of Doris in different poses in the ‘Pages’ section: Doris Slideshow


6 Responses to “Doris: “The Housekeeper””

  1. Duglas Stewart Says:

    I love it. I feel like I’ve met her.

  2. angus Says:

    I can confirm that is indeed Doris: “Mr McIntyre!Mr McIntyre! Did you use the kitchen today? Well someone has left a dirty fork in the sink, if it wasn’t you then who was it?? And turn that racket down, and your window cleaning money is 3 days overdue…” etc etc

  3. psanchez Says:

    srry, im new at this, how do you paint silocone? great work btw =)

    • jude Says:

      Hello Pablo, and thank you.
      To paint silicone you need to get silicone pigments and mix them into a suitable silicone. ( one that’s not too viscose) The surface of the piece you’re painting has to be very clean and if possible painted within a few days of de-moulding. The paint can be diluted with toluene but you must use a respirator as this chemical has very strong toxic fumes.
      The paint can be stippled on and will tend to give a glossy finish which you can dull down with matting powder if desired.
      Hope this is helpful and good luck!

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