Rough Cut Animation – Doris the Houskeeper

November 22, 2011

Here’s a rough cut of the short animated sequence that Jess Ashman, Nikki Welbourne and I did a wee while ago.  It’s not the finished item (other work related projects  took over) so it still needs to be tweaked in the edit and a soundtrack dubbed in.  Couldn’t resist posting it though!

Hoping to feature Doris the Housekeeper in longer adventures soon!


2 Responses to “Rough Cut Animation – Doris the Houskeeper”

  1. Art Di Lella Says:

    She looks great. Love that that dog. Looking forward to the addition of sound.

  2. eunice Says:

    Hey Jude just to say aaamazing to meet you 😉 your work is absolutely amazing, I am actually speeachless. fantastic! xxxx

    luv eunice xxxx

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