Doris Marshall

April 9, 2011

This character is based on an old lady who, in the guise of ‘housekeeper’, terrorized the inhabitants of an old Victorian house in Glasgow.

Although it was several years ago I still remember her beady little chameleon eyes behind thick rimmed glasses and her brown, bri-nylon slacks.

Sadly I never took a photograph of her – I wouldn’t dare – so I drew this sketch from memory (but it’s a near photographic likeness, honest)

Based on this drawing I started modeling the clay head and gnarly hands. I seem to remember that hers had quite blunt fingers with big nicotine stained fingernails that looked as if they’d been carved out of goat horn or something.

Knarly fingers

These are the clay ones ready to have a mould made of them and below, the mould for the glasses which I haven’t cast yet.

Continued soon when hopefully I’ll have time to do some more work on her…

Mould for glasses


Over the summer I’ve been working on a short animated film called Fixing Luca by Jess Ashman (the working title was ‘Ramshackle’). I made models, props and bits of set for it, and over-saw the work of some of the other model makers. Everyone’s done a fantastic job and it’s all looking beautiful! With only a few animating days left, I nipped into the studio to grab a few shots and here they are:


Bedroom set with atmospheric lighting


Close-up, Luca

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Ooglies Pictures: part 2.

October 12, 2010

Some more pic’s from Ooglies work.

Cherryade Pilot

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More on next page…

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Models for Ooglies

October 12, 2010

Hello and Welcome to my blog. In it you’ll find pictures of my work for film and television, and ones of my own projects.

The first pic’s I’d like to publish are of some of the models I made for Ooglies (Cbbc 2009). It was a fantastic show to work on with many lovely and very talented people! If you haven’t seen it before here’s a brief description: Ooglies was a stop-motion animation programme  which featured everyday objects in everyday settings which sprouted eyes and behaved very badly. Each episode featured a generous spattering of mayhem and fruit pulp gore!

Below is a slide show featuring VLC’s and photographs of some of the models I made.

Sippy Nana was quite tricky to do, he was made of silicone with an aluminium armature inside.  I sculpted Strongman Monkeynut in chavant clay and cast it in silicone. Additional hard versions made of resin were made for the split nut and broken pieces.  Boo Potato was one of  the models I enjoyed making the most (apart from the chocolates). He was sculpted in chavant, then cast in silicone with lightweight core so that his silicone ‘jacket’ could slip off to reveal the raw potato below.

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Part 2 of the pictures in next blog!