I’m working on a basic set which has to have three functions. These are some of the things I’ve been making for it.

The headboard of the cot is about 20cm high and about 14 cm wide. It has a fantastic little blanket which was made by an extremely skilled knitter – I’m hoping to persuade  her to knit clothing on an insanely tiny scale for some of my character models.

The bay window has been finished now, but below is a picture of it mid construction. I’ve still to build a frame behind it for a mock-up of an exterior scene which will be of a night sky.

cot with double moss stitch blanket

constructing the bay window

This set also has some patterned wallpaper and a cabinet (inset). There will be a night-light/lamp on top of it. The wall paper was adapted from a sheet of wrapping paper which was bought in a vintage store in Japan.

small cabinet and wallpaper pattern

Pictures of characters in the completed sets to follow.


Doris Dog

June 19, 2011

I’ve finished Doris’s dog, and have given him a little tartan coat and bow for his hair.

The eyes were supposed to be temporary – substituted with off-white ones of the same size, but I’ve grown used to these blue ones and may keep them in. He took longer to make than expected and was a bit of a fiddle, in fact that scowling expression he has mirrors the one I wore for much of the making process. Still he’s finished now and I love him!

Fearsome terrier!


View 2

Decided to make a payphone for the hall, with lots of notes sello-taped up around it. Doris was very  fond of leaving notes with her rules and regulations plastered all over the place.

Pay phone model

This is the kind of thing they used to say:


and finally, in situ on the wall of the set.

Pay phone and notes in position in set

Only a few more things to do before starting a little test animation! – oh wait, damn, I need a new computer first… Let’s just say I hope to have something to show soonish.